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Scratch Cards Online: Everything You Need To Know

Scratch Cards Online: Everything You Need To Know

Scratch Cards Online - online games

If you don’t want to play long tournaments or other time consuming online games, you can play online scratch cards. 

These games help you to win instant money. You don’t have to go out to buy scratch cards. Use your phone to get the cards and win exciting prizes.

Online Scratch Cards

These games have been in the market for a long time. It is the easiest casino games. There are no tips or tricks. It ultimately depends on your luck. 

Online cards are different from actual scratch cards. You cannot practically scratch these cards. They are virtual cards. You can win an instant prize with these cards. As soon as you win the prize, you will receive it. 

Instead of scratching the card, you have the move your fingers on your phone screen to scratch it. You can play these games anytime you want. There are no time restrictions. Many online casinos have these games on their sites.

How to Play?

Scratch Cards Online playing

It is quite simple compared to other games. You don’t have to roll a dice or deal with deck cards. As these games are available on the casino website, you have to choose a good website and visit it. 

To play, you have to sign up. Most sites have free sign up. Enter all your details to sign up. After it is completed, you can log in and go to the actual game. 

Most sites also provide a welcome bonus. You can use this to place bets. Go to the scratch card option and read the rules of the game.

Once you know all the instruction, follow it properly. It would help if you placed a bet to use the card. Place it according to your budget. In most cards, you need to match symbols. 

After you get the card scratch it. You can rub the screen of your phone or use the mouse. Scratch all the cards and check the outcome. If you win, you will get the prize money. If you lose, you will lose the bet money.

Popular Scratch Card Games

Scratch Cards Online - real scratch cards

There are some top-rated scratching games. You will find these games in most of the casinos.

  • Instant Win: This is the easiest type of card game. In this game, you have to scratch the cards instantly all the once. You will see the outcome within seconds. There are no second chances. If you win, you get the money.
  • Multiple Chances: It in this game, you will be given a few chances to get the outcome. Example, you need to match three symbols to win the prize. So you will be given five chances to scratch the card. If you get all the matching symbols, you win.
  • Lines: This game is like slots. You have to get the same symbols in a vertical or horizontal line. If you get the match, you win. It is same as slots, with the only difference of scratch cards.
  • Casino Games: These cards will be like blackjack. You have to scratch the cards against the dealer. If your card is superior, you win.

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