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Keno: Online Lottery Gambling Game

Keno: Online Lottery Gambling Game

Keno online gambling

Gambling is a very risky activity. Some people get addicted to it and lose all their money. 

Although most online casinos support responsible gambling, you need to practice safer methods. One of the best gambling games is Keno. It is not very risky, like other games. 

What is Keno

Keno is a lottery game. The origin-country of this game is China. Most of the casinos have a keno game in which you can play with money. You have to play with the numbers. 

Like other games, you need to use your skills and strategies. There are various types of Keno variants. Each casino has its own games. Nowadays, they use RNG (Random Number Generating) machines to draw the number in the lottery. 

Origin of the Game

Keno lottery games

Many people associate this game with Latin and French culture. But the country of origin is China. There are myths that the Great Wall of China funds came from this game. 

Chinese people bought this popular lottery game to the US. In traditional lottery games, Chinese characters were used, but now the trend has changed. It became quite popular in Nevada. 

Almost every casino in Nevada has this game. The latest trend in this game is an online medium. Now, you can play this game without any pen or paper, directly from your computer or mobile screen.

How to Play?

It is quite easy to play Keno. It is a bit advance version of Bingo. Each player will be given a card. There will be 80 numbers on it. There will be eight rows and ten columns. 

You have to strike numbers from one to twenty. After you make the marks, you have to give it to the keno writer. You also need to place the bet. If the number appears in the next draw, you will win. You can place bets from as low as $1. 

Now, they will draw the numbers. They will draw 20 numbers. The house will give winning tickets to those who selected the right numbers. The payback can be from seventy per cent to eighty per cent. The more numbers you hit, the more money you get as per the bet.

Where to Play?

Keno lottery

You can play online Keno in various casinos. These casinos have an online website where you can play many games. It is safe to go with a reputed site:

  • Spin Palace Casino: It is a very popular online casino where you can play Keno. They provide great bonus and speedy payouts. It is a licensed company. They have more than 650 games. Get an exclusive bonus up to Rs.3000. They have a win rate of 98.02%. 
  • Betway Casino: This is another casino platform. You can play online Keno with players from all over the world. You can win up to Rs.90,000 bonus. They have a win rate of 97.29%. 
  • Royal Vegas: It is a trusted online casino where you can play Keno. You can get up to Rs.120,000 bonus. They have a winning rate of 96.87%.
  • Jackpot City: It is a reputed online casino. You can get up to Rs.48,000 bonus. They have a winning rate of 97.79%.

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