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Everything You Need to Know About Andar Bahar Popular Online Card Game

Everything You Need to Know About Andar Bahar Popular Online Card Game

Andar Bahar popular card game

It is a popular Indian card game. People also refer to it as “Katti” or “Mangatha”. The place of origin of this game is Bangalore, India. It is a betting game. Earlier it was played without money, but now, you can play it with money as well.

Andar Bahar Online Card Game

It is a betting game which you can play online as well as offline. Recently more and more online casinos have started introducing this game. It is fun and entertaining. 

The online concept is the same as you lay offline with friends. You can play one player as well as multi-player game online with players from different places. 

It is a fast game. There are no restrictions on a number of players. You can play this online game for free or for real money. You can directly play it on your phone or PC.

How to Play?

Andar Bahar online card game

It mostly depends on your luck. However, you need some guessing skills for advantage. A single deck of card is used. It is a rapid-fire game. There are 50% chances of winning. 

There are two sides of a table. The left side is Andar. The right side is Bahar. As a player, you need to choose a side. The dealer will draw a card and keep it in between the two sides. After that, the players have to predict on which side the matching card will appear. 

Once it is done, the bot will start dealing the card to Andar and Bahar side. The card will be faced-up. The game stops when the matching card appears on a side. The person on whose side it appears to win the game.

Game Terms

There are not many terms in this game. You will find only two complicated terms, i.e. Andar and Bahar.

  • Andar: It is the left spot on the table. It means inside.
  • Bahar: It is the right spot on the table. It means outside.

Placing Bets

You can either play this game for money or for free. However, while playing online for money, you have to keep a minimum amount on the table. It can be as low as Rs.10. It can also go as high as Rs.10,000. You can choose the limit as per your budget.

Once the middle card is placed, you have to place bets on either side, i.e. Andar or Bahar. After that, the game will begin. It lasts for a few seconds.

Where to Play?

Andar Bahar popular Indian card game

There are various online website where you can play this game. Some of the top casinos have this game.

  • Jungle Raja
  • ShowLion
  • 10Cric
  • JeetWin
  • Pure Casino
  • LeoVegas

Tips and Tricks to Play

Although it is a game of luck, you can use a few tricks and tips.

  • Learn & Practice: You can watch video tutorials or go to various online sites to learn how to play this age. Before playing for money, you can practice with virtual money.
  • Budget: Fix your budget before placing bets. Don’t go out of the budget. Set a limit.
  • Understand the Odds: Odds play a very important role in placing bets. Learn about the odds before playing with money.

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