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Types of IPL Betting Online: Most Popular Types of Bets

Types of IPL Betting Online: Most Popular Types of Bets

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Since we all know that IPL is pending in 2020 November, the excitement among punters is very high. Many Cricket enthusiasts who want to become cricket bettor try their luck during the IPL season. But to get your betting right, you will have to have comprehensive knowledge about what kind of IPL betting you can place your money on to get optimum returns. 

Here we shall talk about IPL betting online types that you can bet your money on.

Coin Toss Betting

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The first type of bet we shall talk about is ‘coin toss betting. The funniest thing about this type of IPL betting online is that there can be no prediction about which IPL team will win the toss. But, if you think it from the perspective of winning money, you will see that you have a fair 50% chance of winning. Although it is slightly risky, the odds of winning are pretty high, which makes it one of the best betting types for beginners. 

Match Handicap

Handicap betting is a type where you punt on a team that opens with a disadvantage that will recover its disadvantage later on in the game with good performance. This type of online IPL betting requires intermediate punting knowledge. 

Match Winner

The matchwinner bet is a pretty straightforward kind of bet that beginners can bank upon. In this type of IPL online betting, you will have to predict which team will win a particular match. Like the coin toss betting, you have a 50% chance of winning. However, you will have statistics and other information to assess which team has a stronger front so that you might have a better shot at a successful wager.

Outright Winner

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The outright winner IPL betting is risky and is suitable for professional punters only. In this variant of IPL betting, you will have to predict which team will be the winner of the entire IPL tournament. Although people have a bias towards the teams of Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super King, you must not bet on those teams with a blind eye in the 2020 tournament. Keep a close eye on the auction and see which IPL team has the strongest of players. Once you have all the data available, combine it with the past statistics, and then you can form your judgment for maximizing your chance of winning online IPL betting.

Highest Opening Partnership

In this variant, you will have to guess which team will have the highest opening partnership. It is again one of the easier bets as your chances of winning are pretty high. 

Man of the Match

To win this type of IPL bet, you will be required to predict who will be the man of the match. It requires a bit of expertise, but shouldn’t be too tough. Just look at the players in both the teams and choose the player who is the most consistent, along with having the best track record. 

Total Runs in 1st Over

This IPL betting online consists of you predicting how much of a total run a particular team makes in the opening. This is a popular type of over-under bet that punters like to bet their money on. 

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